One of the world 's largest  insect supplier , trader of fine quality preserved and unmounted  insects (still folded in paper or cardboard/to be set by the buyer) ; We offer a large selection of specimen for collection, research or art. More then 15 years of experience , 1800+ customers worldwide.   WE SHIP OUT FROM FRANCE







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New additions to our insect shop:

Curculionidae MF  : Cercodocerus sanguinipes 10/15mm
Cerambycidae : Scalenus ismaeli orange form
Cerambycidae : Scalenus ismaeli black form
Dynastidae : Trichogompus lunicollis
Pieridae : Delias pasithoe thyra
Saturnidae : Copaxa cydippe
Saturnidae : Copaxa cydippe PAIR
Saturnidae : Molippa nibasa