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Rigout, J.: Beetles of the world 9. Cetoniini 1.

Rigout, J.: Beetles of the world 9. Cetoniini 1.

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 1989 - 135 p - 130 figs - 16 colour plates.
Cloth, size 21 x 29 cm, dust cover in colours.
This is the first revision of the species of the Pachnoda group, which contains 5 genera which are: Pachnoda, Dischista, Pachnodella, Paleopragma and Psacadoptera.
Many types are figured. 
The author has worked many years on the subject, studying large collections as those of the Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique, also receiving many specimens from the Moser's collection. Some papers first have been published in the Bulletin de la Société Sciences Nat.
In addition, many species were also reared in a room in the author's house.
Many friends and collectors gave to the author undetermined specimens from all over the African continent.
In all it was a huge amount of specimens studied to arrive at this new classification.
A supplement has been published in the volume 12 of the series

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