• Minimum order is 50euros/usd  (for US and Canada)
  • All basicprices are in EUROS or USD for USA and Canada
  • Payment by paypal , creditcard or international transfer (iban/bic) PAYPALCOST 4% ON TOTALPRICE INVOICE
  • Payment by postorder or international moneyorder is exceptionally accepted at handlingcost of 20 euros.
  • Shipping costs are fixed and include handlingcost (box, tape, labour, cotton, fees ,ect..) 

                For Europe :   15euros **

                Rest of World : 20euros (approx 25usd)**

** this does NOT apply for shippingcost for insectframes , canvasprints or other exceptional shipments


Quality of insects :    Ex pupae  :  bred specimen, quality is outstanding

                             A1 = wild caught specimen, excellent quality, antenna's intact (possibly loose)

                             aa- = nearly perfect, antenna missing or damage, minor chips, little rubbed wings possible

                             a-  = good but with damage (larger chip, rubbed wings)

                             a2  = second quality, for scientific purpose or repair

  • Complaints :  should be made 7days after reception insects
  • Refund : only possible if insects are resend to our adress + verified.
  • Loss parcel : We are not responsible for lost parcels by failure of postalservices