Insect collector shop

Welcome to The Bugmaniac shop for insect collectors. We sell dried insects in the finest A1 quality to insect collectors around the world. This insect collector shop delivers dead insects from all over the world to collectors in all countries.

We invite all insect collectors to take a look at our extensive collection of insects that you can find in our shop.


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Some new arrivals of dried insects:

Papilionidae : Neographium leucaspis
Papilionidae : Eurytides columbus
Papilionidae : Heraclides thoas nealces
Nymphalidae : Panacea prola amazona
Morphini : Morpho didius
Morphidae : Morpho adonis huallaga
Papilionidae : Pachliopta aristolochae adamus pair
Nymphalidae : Kallima paralekta paralekta

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