Insect collector shop

Welcome to The Bugmaniac shop for insect collectors. We sell dried insects in the finest A1 quality to insect collectors around the world. This insect collector shop delivers dead insects from all over the world to collectors in all countries.

We invite all insect collectors to take a look at our extensive collection of insects that you can find in our shop.


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Some new arrivals of dried insects:

Dynastidae : Eupatoris gracilicornis  75/80mm
Lucanidae : Odontolabis mouhoti elegans 60/70mm
Lucanidae : Prosopocoilus astacoides pallidipennis 55/65mm
Nymphalidae : Charaxes candiope PAIR
Cerambycidae : Batocera hercules 80/85mm male only
Lucanidae : Allotopus rosenbergi 71/73mm (male)  PAIR
Buprestidae : Megaloxantha bicolor assamensis PAIR
Dynastidae : Allomyrina dichotoma septentrionalis

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