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The Bugmaniac has one of the biggest dried beetles collections available for sale.

Take a look at our beautiful A1 quality beetles and start collecting beetles now.

We have a beetles collection from all over the world and we ship worldwide.


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Latest additions to our spectacular beetles collection:

Curculionidae : Curculionidae Tingo Maria Peru 4
Curculionidae : Curculionidae ssp 3 Tingo Maria Peru
Curculionidae : Curculionidae ssp 2 Tingo Maria Peru
Chrysomelidae : Stolas punicea
Buprestidae : Chrysochroa mniszechii
Curculionidae : Paratasis elegans
Buprestidae : Megaloxantha bicolor othanii
Cerambycidae : Joessi sanguinolenta 40mm